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Established in 2015 & brought to life in 2018; Handmade with love by Natasha-Elle

I started out this project amidst my first year as a freshman and mAN was that a mistake. I barely made a collection of sticker packs and a bunch of t-shirts. I just never found the time to make the things that I really wanted to.

Finally, the time's come for me to take my time and create things that I can be proud of, little cute crafts that will make other people happy. I hope to spread the love for earrings and cute crafts through SADSHRIMPS. This brand is yours as it is mine, if you ever want to see something made here, just drop me a message by any means and you might see your ideas on SADSHRIMPS someday.

Enjoy your time shopping, I hope you love the cuties as much as I love them.